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PChina Visa

CHINA VISA SERVICE BY CITS USA (updated on July 19, 2017)

As the only USA branch of China International Travel Service (CITS) Head Office, we are authorized by Chinese Consulate General to handle China visas for travelers to China from across the USA. Please closely follow the instructions below and submit all required documents to obtain your China visas.

---Your physical US passport, with minimum remaining validity of 12 months and 2 blank (clean) visa pages,
---One (1) passport photo (2 X 2 color photo with blank background).
***Chinese Embassy and Consulates in the USA have specific requirement for photo on the China visa application form. Please make sure you
submit the photo as to their standard. See the following link: chinavisa/t1417330.htm
---One (1) copy of your local ID (either US driver license or student ID),
---One (1) copy of your passport main page (with name, DOB, passport #, issue date / expiry date and etc),
---Copy of your flight reservation USA / CHINA / USA showing passenger name and flights),
---One (1) China visa application form (V2013) each person, completed and signed.
***All China visa application forms must be filled out by typing online,  then to be printed and signed. No hand-written forms are accepted by
Chinese Consulate. This form must be filled out completely. For anything not applied to you, please write "N/A".
You may fill out this form by clicking the following link online: 
---Return address and postage, or pre-paid  shipping label,

CHINA VISA FEES (regular service taking 5 - 7 business days to process):
---US$230.00 per person

---US$50.00 per person

---US$80.00 per person

For Tourist Visa (L Visa)
--- Copy of your hotel reservation / confirmation in China showing your name, hotel name and booking #, Please note 10-year China tourist visa (with each stay up to 60 days) is
issued only to US citizens. Passport's remaining validity must be 12 months or longer.

For Business and Trade Visa (M Visa)
---An invitation letter by a China-based company is required. This invitation letter must be on this Chinese company's letterhead and with its company seal and official signature. This letter must include the invitee's name, DOB and passport #. Please note 10-year China business (M) visa (with each stay up to 60 days) is issued only to US citizens. Passport's remaining validity must be 12 months or longer.

For Visiting Family / Relative visa (Q Visa)
---An invitation letter by your family and relatives in China, his / her Chinese ID copy, plus notarized document showing your relationship.

For Non-Business Visit Visa (F Visa)
---An invitation letter by a China-based company / school / university / organization is required. This invitation letter must be on its official letterhead and with its seal and signature. This letter must include the invitee's name, DOB and passport #. Please note for F visa, only 1-year multiple-entry visa is to be issued.

For Student Visa (X1 and X2 Visas)
---JW-201 or JW-202 forms and official admission notice by the Chinese school are required for X1 visa application. Only official admission notice by Chinese school is
required for X2 visa application.

For Work Visa (Z Visa)
---Original copies of China Work Permit (or Alien Employment Permit), official invitation letter from the Chinese provincial or city government plus the invitation letter from the
Chinese company / school are required. Please call our office for details.

AA) If one has has been to China before but is using a brand new passport this time to apply China visa, his / her old expired passport with previous China visa on it is required this time.

BB) Anyone born in mainland China who is applying China visa with US passport for the first time,  your original Chinese passport is required this time.  If you have got China visa before on your US passport, then a copy of your original Chinese passport or ID copy is required to verify your Chinese name.

CC) If a minor (under 18 years old) was born in the USA with Chinese American parents who were born in mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan) is applying China with US passport for the first time, a copy of his / her birth certificate in the US is also required.

DD) Anyone born in Hong Kong or Taiwan is applying China visa with US passport,  Chinese Consulate requires a copy of your original Taiwan or Hong Kong passport or ID to verify your Chinese name.  They might have special requirements. Please contact our office for details.

EE) Anyone who works at churches, news media, entertainment industry and US Military is required to submit a personal statement to the attention of Chinese Consulate General in which you should specify the purpose of your upcoming China trip. Chinese Consulate officials will decide whether or not to issue China visa to you.

1) Please make check or money order payable to CITS USA. You may write  one check to cover China visa fee for all your family or your party.
2) Major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard and AMEX) are also accepted but with 3.5% processing fee on top. Please send a copy of your credit card showing CC #, expiry date and card holder name. We will send you credit card payment receipt with your passport / China visa.
3) No personal checks are accepted for express or rush service.

1) For the return of your passport with China visa, you must prepare the correct return address and sufficient postage in advance. You may enclose a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage attached, or you can prepare a pre-paid return shipping label Fed-Ex, UPS or US Postal Office Express Mail with your address and account number /
payment method. Or you may add additional $30.00 on the China visa fee payment for any address in mainland USA so we will ship back to you by US Post Office Express Mail. If you wish to pick up in person from our office, please let us know in advance so we will keep in here. (PLEASE NOTE THE POST OFFICE WILL NOT MAIL OR SHIP ANY PASSPORTS / CHINA VISA WITH INSUFFICIENT POSTAGE. OUR OFFICE IS NOT TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IN THIS CASE).

2) We are not responsible for any mishandling or delay of mail by US Postal Service or other express mail carriers.
3) For any non-US passport holders, Chinese Consulate have special requirements this year. Please call or contact our office in advance.
4) There is no refund of China visa fee once passport / applications are submitted to the Chinese Consulate General. It's up to Chinese Consulate to decide whether to approve your China visa and what type of China visa to be issued for you.
5) Please mail all required documents and payment to:

16 North Marengo Ave., #201,
Pasadena, CA 91101, USA                                                                                                                                            

Tel: (626) 568-8993  / e-mail:

Tibet Travel Permit

For those going to Tibet on your China tour, you must obtain a special travel permit for Tibet in addition to the China visa. Our office in China can help you with this permit only if you book your Tibet tour package with our agency. Please check our Tibet tour programs on our web site or contact us for details.

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