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China, which has recently become the second largest economy in the world, boasts of a long history of over 5,000 years with a diversity of cultures and minority groups plus the numerous amazingly beautiful sights, both natural and man-made. With its awesome beauty and mystery, China remains one of the top tourist destinations in the world. A China trip is dream that comes true to millions of people from all corners of the globe every year. As the only North American branch of CITS Head Office, the most prestigious and leading tour company in China, our office here (CITS USA) is here to pave your way to this familiar yet strange land for pleasure or business, with all of the following services and more: China travel planning, China tour arrangements, China visa service and other travel-related services. You name it, our professional team is sure to help you out.

China Visa

As one of the most reliable and authorized China visa handling agents in the US, we are proud to have helped hundreds of thousands travelers from the US apply and obtain China visas over the last 18 years, without any mistakes and delays on our side. Please check out our China visa service details. We are here to help you!

China Tour Packages

Minimum 2 or up passengers traveling together

The state-of-art itineraries are created by our professionals in conjunctions to available transportation schedules and hotel blocking. No matter what type of package you select, our job is to realize your needs and plans.

Academic Programs

Nowadays, venture and sightseeing has become a smaller sector of China visits and tours. People tend to explore further and deeper into the society to enrich the knowledge and understanding of the seemingly mighty country.

Huangshan Tour

Physically features for which, Huangshan Mountain is known include sunrises, pine trees, "strangely jutting granite peaks", and views of clouds touching the mountainsides on more than 200 days out of the year. It is classified by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites.

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